Retrospective 2015

The annual celebratory extravaganza known as Christmas has just reached its conclusion and New Year’s is only a few days away, as I’m in the midst of an ironically stressful school break. In order to prevent my blog from complete inactivity during this hectic holiday season, I’ve decided to lazily put together some of my highlights in various mediums from the past year. But since I’m not one to actively follow seasonal stuff to any greater extent, this is not going to necessarily focus on things that have come out this year, but instead things that I personally have consumed.Read More »


Shintaro Kago’s violently captivating guro-absurdism

The works of manga artist Shintaro Kago are interesting to say the least. I first stumbled upon him in conjunction with Flying Lotus’ album You’re Dead!, to which he provided the artwork. On their own, these pictures are undoubtedly a real eye-catcher with their peculiar blend of body horror and spiritual imagery, but it’s in combination with the music that they become especially intriguing, as they so immensely encapsulates the album’s overwhelming nature and themes around death and afterlife.Read More »