Characterization through music – An examination of Kill la Kill’s character themes


Few anime series put as much effort into characterization as Kill la Kill. In everything from the designs, to the voice acting, to the animation, the audiovisual crafting of each of the show’s major characters is executed with elaborate care giving them distinct manners and personalities. One such element, that may often be comparatively overlooked but which deserves just as much attention, is the music. The concept of composing a theme for a specific character is perhaps not a rarity among anime scores, but it is exceptional that it’s done with such devotion and for such a large amount of the cast as in Kill la Kill. What composer Hiroyuki Sawano here has accomplished is a musical depiction of the very essence of each major character, to such an extent that even someone who has never seen the show may get a clear idea over their appearances, personalities and capabilities. Read More »


Retrospective 2015

The annual celebratory extravaganza known as Christmas has just reached its conclusion and New Year’s is only a few days away, as I’m in the midst of an ironically stressful school break. In order to prevent my blog from complete inactivity during this hectic holiday season, I’ve decided to lazily put together some of my highlights in various mediums from the past year. But since I’m not one to actively follow seasonal stuff to any greater extent, this is not going to necessarily focus on things that have come out this year, but instead things that I personally have consumed.Read More »

An introduction to experimental music

As the highly active and passionate consumer of the music medium that I am, I listen to a wide spectrum of different stuff; everything from catchy pop songs, to heavy metal bangers and nasty punk tracks, to cool jazz tunes and tasty hip-hop beats. Out of all though, experimental music is probably the most interesting and exciting category within the musical realm that I regularly enjoy, examine and explore. While not so much a concrete genre as an umbrella term for a variety of different styles, there is yet one common aesthetic that all musical approaches within the category bears, and that is their will to explore the possibilities of the medium, and creating as equally immense as unique and interesting listening experiences. But while the category is filled with intriguing stuff, it is also a type of music that people are generally highly alienated Read More »

The music of Kenji Kawai

Kenji Kawai is a musician whom I’ve admired for quite some time. With a career as a score composer spanning for almost 30 years, he has worked on a lot of various films and TV-series, including many of Mamoru Oshii’s works, all of Hideo Nakata’s movies, Wilson Yip’s Ip Man film series, and anime series such as Higurashi and the original Fate/Stay Night TV-adaptation. What I like so much about Kawai though is that he’s a composer who knows how to leave his mark on the scores that he’s working with, while still managing to keep them being scores and not products his own artistic expressions. Granted, this ”mark” doesn’t apply to all of his works, but very often you recognize with ease that distinct Kenji Kawai sound – a sound that is filled with a meditative, dreamlike atmosphere, yet at the same time can be very bombastic and grandiose. But what exactly is it that makes this sound what it is? I’d like to devote this post to exploring and breaking down the different aspects of Kawai’s music in an attempt to figure out what makes his typical style.Read More »

Time in media

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how time plays out in the different forms of media in which it’s prominent, and how it’s changed throughout history. Why do we have the standard time lengths that we have in our modern culture? Why is the average length for a pop song 3-5 minutes, or for a movie 1 1/2 to 2 hours? How has our technological, social and cultural evolution shaped these time lengths over the years, and how will they be shaped in the future? These are all very interesting questions, but to answer them in a somewhat organized way, let’s focus on one medium at a time.Read More »